Good Little Girl: Part Two

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Download Jessa Rhodes in Good Little Girl: Part Two - Pretty Dirty
Download Jessa Rhodes in Good Little Girl: Part Two - Pretty Dirty

“Do onto other as you would have them do onto you,” has been hammered into Bookworm’s head from a very early age. Today she’s had a chance to put that wonderful mantra to use. At the dinner table, Mr. Chase (Steven St. Croix) waits on his good little girl, and her new friend, as if he’s already welcomed Charity (Jessa Rhodes) into the exclusive fold of their family. As Bookworm recounts Charity’s (Jessa Rhodes) troubling story, Charity (Jessa Rhodes) earns her stay by giving Mr. Chase (Steven St. Croix) a hand job under the glass table in front of his daughter! Later as Bookworm nestles into the arms of her surrogate mother and best lesbian friend, Charity (Jessa Rhodes) slips away once again to Mr Chase’s (Steven St. Croix) bedroom to continue earning her keep. She seduces him as he apologizes to his dead wife, relishing every perfect inch of her rough and tough body to the accompaniment of her seductive moans. She takes his stiff thick cock into her gagging deepthroat while he plays with her ass, hopeful to enter her slutty pussy, and end his vow of celibacy. when the deed is done, shame enters his mind as he pants to keep up with her dirty sexual act.

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