Good Little Girl: Part Three

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Download Piper Perri in Good Little Girl: Part Three - Pretty Dirty
Download Piper Perri in Good Little Girl: Part Three - Pretty Dirty

Bookworm (Piper Perri) has noticed a lot of changes since Charity showed up. And even though having Charity as her new big sister, she’s a tad jealous of the way Mr. Chase looks at Charity the way he used to look at her Momma. Charity, being the master scheme specialist she is, intends on rustling some leaves. She devises a plan to get Bookworm (Piper Perri) laid by her stepdad’s business partner, Roger. He turns out to be the perfect bait too! He’s a dumb guy with his brain on his dick, and the perfect potential pawn for her scheme of reciprocal jealousy. Bookworm (Piper Perri) gets her schoolgirl makeover and goes to seduce her first boy ever, and Roger takes the bait! Bookworm (Piper Perri) asks him to give her the sex talk, and with a little coaxing Bookworm (Piper Perri) convinces Roger to let her touch his penis. He is clearly uncomfortable, but her sweet charm and her good little schoolgirl outfit, he can’t resist, kissing her and playing with her tiny body as she stuffs his massive cock into her mouth. Unable to resist what’s already begun, he peels off her teen panties and sticks his tongue into her warm and sweet shaved pussy. As Bookworm (Piper Perri) begs roger to take it easy, roger continues to tear her tiny teen virgin pussy with his massive thick cock, splitting her in two, all while Charity takes video evidence on her phone to use for later!

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