Good Little Girl: Part One

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Download Jessa Rhodes & Piper Perri in Good Little Girl: Part One - Pretty Dirty
Download Jessa Rhodes & Piper Perri in Good Little Girl: Part One - Pretty Dirty

Good little girl Bookworm (Piper Perri) has sheltered herself her whole life! she wouldn’t dare do anything that could be considered irresponsible, or bad. Her step-father (Steven St. Croix) vowed never to give up on her when her mother died. But today their worlds will be turned upside down by a sly runaway, who sweeps through their lives like a sex hungry tornado. Charity (Jessa Rhodes) is found rooting through their garbage as Bookworm (Piper Perri) is on her way out the door to her test. Charity (Jessa Rhodes) quickly becomes Bookworm’s (Piper Perri) best friend, as they tour the mansion. But when Charity (Jessa Rhodes) learns that Bookworm (Piper Perri) hasn’t ever been bad, she seduces her newest toy into doing the naughtiest thing she can think of corrupting her with. Lesbian sex on her stepdad’s bed! Charity (Jessa Rhodes) peels Bookworm’s (Piper Perri) teeny body out of her teen clothing, and gets to work blowing the teen’s mind with a lesbian display of sexual fire. As Charity (Jessa Rhodes) crawls onto Bookworm’s (Piper Perri) cute little mouth to ride her virgin tongue, Daddy comes home to find them fucking on his bed, shocked to see the lesbian display, confused by his perverted thoughts creeping against the inside of his dress pants. Charity (Jessa Rhodes) notices him, and shows him that she doesn’t care, she’s here to get what she wants.

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