Marsha May’s Ass-crobatics

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Download Marsha May's Ass-crobatics - Monster Curves - Reality Kings
Download Marsha May's Ass-crobatics - Monster Curves - Reality Kings

Marsha May was trying her new ribbon exercise swing. She was finding new positions to stretch out. Marsha May found one position that did more then stretch. It rubbed her clit which made her realize why everybody was using these things. As she was getting real deep into herself, her brother’s friend, Johnny Castle walked in on her. Marsha May was totally surprised, and he wasn’t sure what he walked in on. Marsha May was turned on, so she started to flirt with him. She wanted to finish what she started, so she convinced him to get on the table naked for a ribbon massage. Marsha May played the part for a little bit, but she eventually worked her way to his cock. Marsha May took his dick deep and gagged several times over. They used the swing for leverage and got into some acrobatic positions. The inverted spinning blow job was a spectacle to watch. Johnny Castle swung her back and forth on his dick. Marsha May filled her mouth up with his balls before taking his load as she swung upside down.

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