Stevie Shae asks the ex-wife Kendra James for Help

Stevie Shae is married to Kendra James’s ex husband, and as a result, they’ve never exactly been best friends. But when Stevie Shae’s sex life dries up, she has no one else to turn to except her husband’s ex! she asks Kendra James for help rekindling her hubby’s interest, and Kendra James decides to help in her own special way. Stevie Shae strips down and Kendra James rubs her pussy, then sits on her face so Stevie Shae can tongue-fuck her until she’s dripping wet. After that she busts out her handy-dandy strap-on and fucks Stevie Shae’s pretty little mouth with it. Kendra James uses that dildo to fuck Stevie Shae hard, and then lies down so Stevie Shae can eat out her cunt and return the favor!

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