Sinning With My Sister: Chapter Four

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Download Abella Danger & Sara Luvv in Sinning With My Sister: Chapter Four - Pretty Dirty
Download Abella Danger & Sara Luvv in Sinning With My Sister: Chapter Four - Pretty Dirty

Besties Abella Danger and Sara Luvv rekindle the flames from their college sexcapades. Sara Luvv thinks they should hang out to spend time together. Unfortunately Abella Danger is caught up with her parents bringing in a new foster brother and has to stay home to welcome him into the family. But when Abella Danger sees Tyler Nixon walk out from the car, Abella Danger is immediately amazed at how sexy he is and calls Sara Luvv to tell her she’s definitely going to ride his cock but Sara Luvv also wants in on the fun!

Abella Danger greets her new brother Tyler Nixon. Tyler Nixon explains how he lost his parents in a tragic accident and how grateful he is that Abella Danger’s parents took him in, but Abella Danger doesn’t care about any of that, her focus is on fucking her brother’s brains out. Along comes Sara Luvv, who presents herself and insists if there is anything Sara Luvv can do to make Tyler Nixon feel more comfortable she is there to help. But Sara Luvv and Abella Danger’s persistence to get closer physically, makes Tyler Nixon uncomfortable and he excuses himself to the washroom. They take a sneak peak at his cock through the door and make a pact that they are both fucking Tyler Nixon and tempt the vulnerable boy with a little lesbian make out session. He runs to his bed trying his best to avoid any sexual contact with the two girls, but ends up in an inevitable threesome.

They all get naked and the hungry girls promise Tyler Nixon that this is a perfect opportunity to get to know his sister. The girls stroke his hard cock through his underwear. Sara Luvv grabs his shaft and sucks hard making it wet for Abella Danger to hop on. Even though Tyler Nixon is reluctant for any of this go further. Abella Danger and Sara Luvv are determined to take it all the way. Abella Danger rides Tyler Nixon’s cock as Sara Luvv lowers her horny shaved pussy over his face. The girls orgasm simultaneously. It is just fair that if Tyler Nixon fucks his sister well he has to fuck her best friend making things even!

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