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Download Charlotte Cross & Katie Morgan in Stepmoms Sex Advice - Moms Teach Sex - Nubiles
Download Charlotte Cross & Katie Morgan in Stepmoms Sex Advice - Moms Teach Sex - Nubiles

Katie Morgan is enjoying some alone-time with one hand down her sheer thong and the other latched on to her huge tits while she watches porn in the loft. Soon she has turned to a vibrating toy to help bring her to the edge of her climax, and almost before she knows it her hips are twitching with the force of her release. That’s how Charlotte Cross finds her stepmom, much to her confusion. That’s how Katie Morgan learns that Charlotte Cross’ real mom never had The Talk with her. Katie Morgan decides that it’s her job to teach Charlotte Cross’ how to take care of herself in the most personal way.

Charlotte Cross seems open to taking lessons from Katie Morgan, and soon the two girls are making out. Katie Morgan is in the midst of playing with Charlotte Cross’ tits and rubbing her pussy through her shorts when Van Wylde arrives on the scene. It’s not long before Katie Morgan has put Charlotte Cross on display for Van Wylde’s pleasure in an effort to guide the two lovers together. The young couple are both willing, and soon Charlotte Cross has graduated from kissing to having her pussy feasted upon by Van Wylde.

Next up is teaching Charlotte Cross how to give an amazing blowjob. Katie Morgan is up to the task, talking Charlotte Cross through and even demonstrating what she means. After that, it’s time for Charlotte Cross to move on to the advanced lesson of pussy eating, for which Katie Morgan is happy to volunteer her own creamy snatch. Katie Morgan Katie is helping educate Charlotte Cross, she encourages Van Wylde to slide his cock into Charlotte Cross’ tight twat for her first pussy pounding experience.

Now that Charlotte Cross has been brought up to speed, the trio can have a full fledged fuck fest! Charlotte Cross is finally able to achieve her long-awaited first climax, followed quickly by a second taste of heaven thanks to Katie Morgan and Van Wylde’s efforts. In return, Charlotte Cross gleefully helps to get them both off, even licking Van Wylde’s cum off of Katie Morgan’s big boobs once he has covered her tits in the evidence of his joy.

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