Final Farewell

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Download Jillian Janson and Pristine Edge in Final Farewell - Teacher Fucks Teens - Nubiles
Download Jillian Janson and Pristine Edge in Final Farewell - Teacher Fucks Teens - Nubiles

Pristine Edge has called in Ryan Ryder and Jillian Janson so that she can tell her students that the threesome affair they’ve been enjoying needs to come to an end. Although they are disappointed that they won’t be able to play with their teacher any longer, Ryan Ryder and Jillian Janson talk Pristine Edge into one final romp and she agrees.

Pulling Ryan Ryder’s cock out of his jeans, Jillian Janson and Pristine Edge get down on their knees and work together applying their hands and soft mouths to produce the perfect double blowjob. In between licks and suck the girls work each other’s tops off until they are both naked from the top down. When Jillian Janson stands up so that Pristine Edge can pull off her thong, the blonde teacher surprises Jillian Janson by diving in for a brief pussy licking. Of course Jillian Janson wants to return the favor!

Hopping onto her desk, Pristine Edge spreads her legs and invites Jillian Janson in for a bald pussy feast. Jillian Janson is happy to oblige, while Ryan Ryder takes advantage of Jillian Janson’s exposed bottom to slide his cock up and down her slit until it’s covered with her juices and then to push himself home in Jillian Janson’s needy twat.

Next Jillian Janson makes sure that Pristine Edge gets as much of the D as she wants by taking Ryan Ryder’s dick in her hand and guiding it right up to Pristine Edgeäs fuck hole. Ryan Ryder is eager to slam himself home, and soon he is buried balls-deep while Pristine Edge goes to town feasting on Jillian Janson’s juicy snatch.

A stiffie ride in Jillian Jansonäs landing strip puss is the next order of business while Pristine Edge pays plenty of attention to her student’s perky breasts and rock hard nips. The pleasure is so great that Jillian Janson just can’t help but squirt her joy all over the place. Moments later, Ryan Ryder pulls out just in time to let loose a fountain of jizz that Pristine Edge greedily licks form the tip of his dick.

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