Catching His Stepsister Angel Smalls Getting High

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Download Catching His Stepsister Angel Smalls Getting High - Step Siblings Caught - Nubiles
Download Catching His Stepsister Angel Smalls Getting High - Step Siblings Caught - Nubiles

Van Wylde has snuck into Angel Smalls’ bedroom to acquire video evidence of his stepsister getting high. When she asks what she can do to keep Van Wylde from ratting her out, he asks her to make a sexy video telling a friend of theirs that she likes him. She kicks Van Wylde out, but he spies on her as she strips down and makes her sexy video. It’s so hot that Van Wylde can’t help but whip it out and masturbate.

When Angel Smalls catches Van Wylde jerking it to her, she flips out. Van Wylde claims that now that only way to keep him from telling is for her to take care of his stiffie. She protests at first, but eventually agrees to go through with it. After starting out with a blowjob, Angel Smalls lays back on the bed and spreads her legs so that he can slam into her petite body.

Driving his stepsister to one climax isn’t enough for Van Wylde. He orders Angel Smalls up onto her hands and knees, and the blonde happily obliges. Pushing her rump backwards, she impales herself on Van Wylde’s cock and then takes her turn doing all the work pumping him in and out of her while he stands still and lets her set the pace. When Angel Smalls gradually falls to the bed, Van Wylde finally starts thrusting his hips to keep her pussy pulsing.

Climbing onto the bed, Van Wylde gets on his back so that Angel Smalls can once again take the lead by delivering a booty-bouncing fuck. He could watch her tender ass quiver forever as she works her hips up and down in deep long strokes, and Angel Smalls obliges by giving him one hell of a show. When she turns around to continue her stiffie ride in cowgirl style, Van Wylde gets an equally tantalizing chance to watch her small boobs bounce.

With Angel Smalls’ final orgasm in the books, it’s her turn to get Van Wylde off. She makes it happen with her soft hands until he loses his load all over her bald twat. Angel Smalls’ afterglow is cut short when Van Wylde slaps his cock on her puss, an act that she finds so heinous that she kicks him out of the bedroom.

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