Fierce Chrissy Fox

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Download Fierce Chrissy Fox - Mikes Apartment - Reality Kings
Download Fierce Chrissy Fox - Mikes Apartment - Reality Kings

Chrissy Fox is such a perfect name for this fiery 21 year old. Chrissy Fox came in and appeared to be a shy, little-English-speaking, sexy, red-head. Once we got to know each other more, she showed her true colors. And yes Chrissy Fox claims that she is a natural red-head, but we could match the drapes with the curtains because she has shaved pussy. We’ll just take her word for it. Turns out Chrissy Fox always travels with her best friend. Her best friend is a vibrator, and it really knows how to please her. Chrissy Fox had several orgasms. Tony took this as a challenge, as any man would. Can’t get beat by a vibrator. Tony went to work on that pussy. Started with the pussy licking, then fingering, and then put the D on her. A blow job was secondary at this point. The challenge was accepted. Check out how Tony did vs the vibrator and let us know who you think won by leaving a comment down below.

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