Sexy Tina Walker

Download Sexy Tina Walker - Mikes Apartment - Reality Kings

Tina Walker walked into Mike’s apartment with a smile so big you could barely see her lips move when she talked. Tina Walker was in town to party with some friends, so she was already excited. Tina Walker didn’t realized how expensive the apartment was, so the idea of stripping was turning her gears. She was real shy and uncertain at first. Once she had a dildo in her and came from masturbation, she was a whole different girl. She wanted dick and wasn’t shy about it. Tina Walker Walker went to town on his dick. Sabby put it on her tiny frame. She must be have been a100 lbs soaking wet, and she was wet. Tina Walker got even wetter when Sabby blasted an ocean of sperm all over her.

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