Big Italian Ass Pounding

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That big perfect ass right there is getting fucked and it’s a scene you’re only going to see at Hard X. The models name is Valentina Nappi a girl known for her ass and how well she can take it in that big ass of hers. Valentina Nappi is like Spanish or something she is pretty exotic looking to me and not only does she have a great butt but man she has big natural tits too. The video is kind of shitty I am not going to lie but that’s because Hard X just doesn’t give out their stuff for free. They win so many awards and what not that you know it costs them a shit ton of money to make these so it’s just a trailer guys. I encourage you to join their site though it’s totally worth it and they have a lot of the harder sex that you guys seem to like. So with that being said in the video you don’t get much anal action you do get to see Valentina Nappi showing off her body and ass in this sexy sling bathing suit. Then towards the end you get to see some of the hardcore action. It’s quick though and there is a lot of cuts but still something I think you guys should look at. At least look at the pictures if you don’t want to watch a trailer they’re good as well.

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