Cali Carter in Vegas Hold-up

Download Cali Carter in Vegas Hold-up - Tricky Spa

Tyler Nixon and Tommy Gunn are relaxing and taking a moment discussing Tyler Nixon experience as a masseur at the Tricky Spa. Tommy Gunn’s never been to ‘those’ kind of massage places and wants in on the action. Tommy Gunn, not knowing how he can get in without being conspicuous with his actual intent and as we brainstorm the perfect plan we come up with this great idea to pretend he’s a cop busting the operation. Tommy Gunn already has the gun and the badge, so it’s a perfect plan. We set up a plan that Tommy Gunn kicks down the door while I’m there with a hot blonde, and tells the chick to fuck him or she’ll be arrested…It’s the perfect ploy! At the hotel, this hot girl whose name is Cali Carter comes in , so I immediately text Tommy Gunn to let him know it’s on. Cali Carter’s a sorority girl here out for a fun weekend with her sisters but unfortunately, she blew her whole bank roll, so she’s completely broke and has nothing else to do. Cali Carter is bummed out because all her friends are going out to a club but she can’t go because she’s broke. Tyler takes this opportunity to persuade her in a little fair exchange. Gives Tyler Nixon a blowjob and he makes a phone call to his friend. She takes the bait and starts sucking Tyler Nixon dick and stroking it with such intensity until I jizz all over her sweet face. All of a sudden, Tommy Gunn bursts in the door, and kicks Tyler Nixon out. Cali Carter is so scared at this point and claims nothing happened. She pleads with Tommy Gunn to not bring her to jail and will do anything. Cali Carter shows Tommy Gunn that she wasn’t do anything wrong by taking Tommy Gunn’s pants off and sucking his dick just like she did mine. Tommy Gunn bends her over the massage table and bangs the hell out of her sweet pussy. Once he was done fucking her, Cali Carter makes sure she was in the clear so Tommy Gunn confesses that he’s really not a cop. Oh my god was she pissed off!

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