Get On It with Jessie Volt

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No man on earth could be thick enough to ignore the advances Jessie Volt was making at the gym. With every deep squat, Jessie Volt pushed out her round, plump butt, dropping low to the ground as if she was sitting down on a stiff cock. Kristof Cale couldn’t tear his eyes off Jessie Volt’s curvaceous figure, and made his move. Once they connected, Jessie Volt dropped right to the ground to take Kristof Cale in her mouth, licking the tip of his cock and sliding her tongue up and down his long penis. Then Kristof Cale lifted Jessie Volt up by the crease under her ass and entered her in mid-air, thrusting deeply in and out of her. After fucking her every which way, Kristof Cale slipped it into Jessie Volt’s ass, opening her asshole wide while fingering her pussy, for intense anal sex that made Jessie Volt horny to take a fat facial on her lips.

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