Katrina Jade in You Can Get Me Signed?

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Katrina Jade is super stoked for the Rock Hard festival tonight. She’s been waiting for a record deal and thinks this event will be the perfect opportunity to be noticed. What better way than to unwind than to have Eric Masterson come to her hotel room for a massage. Eric Masterson uses his charm to ease his way into conversation with Katrina Jade asking her what her plans were and what brings her to the hotel. Of course Eric Masterson doesn’t waste any time maneuvering his way towards her ass, where he mentions there being tons of tension. Katrina Jade doesn’t fall for his tricks and respectfully asks him to move away from her butt where he retreats to her legs. Eric Masterson asks Katrina Jade to flip over where he can work on her pectoral muscles, but she is not keen allowing him to go near her tits. Eric Masterson being the master persuader, convinces her that in order for him to do his job properly, he would need to rub her tense tits. Sensing she’s still being uptight, Eric Masterson mentions that his friend, a music producer was able hook up one of his clients Rachel and she got a record deal from it. Katrina Jade is fully attentive to what Eric Masterson has to say, and invites him to her show tonight. Unfortunately, Eric Masterson has to work late, but proposes an alternative to help her with her endeavours. Will she accept his indecent proposal or stick to her morals and climb the ladder to success on her own?

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