I’ve Always Dreamt Of This

Download I've Always Dreamt Of This with Julia Ann - Nuru Massage

It’s a rainy day outside, but that didn’t stop Damon Dice from going to the famous Nuru massage parlor. He quickly becomes stunned when he sees his step mother Julia Ann opening the door. Both feeling awkward, Julia Ann explains why she’s working at the massage parlor. Julia Ann felt somewhat bad after her divorce to Damon Dice’s father and felt it was a good idea to present him with a gift certificate. Damon Dice appreciates the hospitality and the gift, but doesn’t think it’s the best of ideas considering Julia Ann was her step mom. Julia Ann assures him this will be fun and enjoyable. Julia Ann seduces Damon Dice and wields him with her charm. Julia Ann lathers Damon Dice’s back and chest getting him aroused and more relaxed. Julia Ann gives him the ‘platinum package’ which includes sucking his hard dick in the shower and the bathtub. Being a naughty mommy is easy especially when she lathers him with silky soft oil all over her step sons naked body. Will Damon Dice go all the way with his step mom, after having remorse or will he totally take advantage of his mother’s platinum package gift?

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