That Booty is Phat and Juicy!

Download That Booty is Phat and Juicy! - Bang Casting - Bang Bros

Goddamn, this chick walked in here today, and I had to do a double take! Her ass is incredible! I seriously couldn’t believe my fucking eyes! Like fucking WOAH man! Her name is Aaliyah Grey, and dat ass is about to be put on the endangered species list… CAUSE IM ABOUT TO SLAUGHTER IT! Time to put her to the real test and see if she has what it takes to move up rank in the porno game! Aaliyah Grey got the ass, she has the looks, but CAN SHE TAKE THE DICK? Aaliyah Grey is gonna get banged up and slammed in today! Hardcore cock slobbering and pussy smashing action goes down at the Bangbros Office. Hell yeah!

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