Laying Lynna Nilsson

Download Laying Lynna Nilsson - Mikes Apartment - Reality Kings

Lynna Nilsson flew into town for some business. She told us she was a photo model and a topless DJ. Lynna Nilsson figured that the special rate had to do something with getting loose. Lynna Nilsson started getting real comfortable as the negotiations went underway. Lynna Nilsson wanted to know how to stay for free, so Renato came into the room. Lynna Nilsson was surprised that he was in the next room waiting, but we were prepared for anything. As she got to know Renato, she teased us with her ass and flashed her tits with extremely perky nipples. Lynna Nilsson felt the bulge in his pants and decided it was a good deal. They moved onto the bed and fucked like they have known each other for some time. They had some real chemistry, or maybe Lynna Nilsson was just that sexy. Lynna Nilsson had cum a few times over, as Renato pounded her pink box. Lynna Nilsson was a naughty girl that wasn’t afraid to gobble up the rent.

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