Sweet And Sexy Ice Tea from Silvia Sage

Download Sweet And Sexy Ice Tea from Silvia Sage - Pure Mature

It’s not every day that you get a first time girl on your site and then on top of that she is doing anal. That’s what I have for you here today though. The MILFs name is Silvia Sage and she is doing a shoot for Pure Mature that is called Sweet and Sexy Ice Tea. Who knows what these titles mean anymore really but what I do know is that this MiLF can take one hell of a pounding. The video is your typical MILF watching the pool boy invites him in and the next thing you know she is getting fucked in the ass. Silvia Sage here has a boob job and a very petite body. Silvia Sage keeps her pussy nice and shaven which make it look so fuckable but this pool boy has no problem passing it up because he fucks her in the ass the entire time. I don’t really see one part of the video where she isn’t getting the butt sex. The video isn’t super long but if you guy don’t know me by now you know that I will eventually go ahead and put a longer one in there once I have time.

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