Chloe Amour is Sweeter Than Sugar

Download Chloe Amour is Sweeter Than Sugar - POVD

What in this world could be Sweeter Than Sugar? Well my friend how about the delectable pussy of the always incredible Chloe Amour! This exotic hottie is a favorite on POVD and is back for her, what, I think her 7th shoot? I’ve lost track by now but feel free to put her name in the search box at the top right and do a little investigation of your own…for research and educational purposes only, of course. In this sexy scene Chloe Amour does a little tease in her panties on the bed, giving a taste of cupcake to her man before showing him her OWN cupcake! This is POVD, too, so you get a front row seat for all the action in super high resolution first person perspective…you get to see what it’s like to fuck this exotic hottie from behind with that perfect ass in your face, as well as having her ride you to orgasm before sucking a load of creamy cum out and swallowing it down! I hope they keep bringing Chloe Amour back again and again, she just seems to keep getting hotter every time POVD brings her back for another red hot hardcore fuck session. I don’t know if it’s that pearly smile or her sweet tight lithe body or what but this girl is just a dream cum true.

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