Yasmine de Leon in Better Than Hubby

Download Yasmine de Leon in Better Than Hubby - Nuru Massage

Today is Robby Echo’s first ever day at Nuru Massage. He got a reference from his buds. At first Robby Echo is a bit handsy, but Yasmine de Leon warns him her husband is protective and he needs to be careful. Robby Echo can hardy keep his hands off her. Yasmine de Leon uses all her tricks to pamper Robby Echo, rubbing her beautiful ass over his clothed front before getting him out of his clothes. In the shower she can barely keep her hands, ass and mouth off his growing cock. When they get to the massage, Yasmine de Leon pulls out all her sensual tricks and uses them on Robby Echo, which turns him crazy! Yasmine de Leon want shim so much she lets him fuck her harder than she’s been fucked for a long time! Robby Echo wont wait for a follow-up treatment, and Yasmine de Leon books him for tomorrow.

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