How Rough Does Gabriella Paltrova Want It?

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After hinting and suggesting to her oblivious boyfriend that he fuck her like a whore, Gabriella Paltrova was at the end of her rope. All she wanted was to have her hair pulled, and be spanked, choked, and dick-slapped, but Danny D’s too much of the nice guy to pick up on the signs. But when Gabriella Paltrova’s best friend let him know that he could either turn up the heat or lose his girl forever, Danny D brought the passion to the their next fuck session. Giving Gabriella Paltrova an overflowing mouthful of cock, Danny D tapped the back of her throat as she drooled on his rod. After the sloppy blowjob, Danny D licked his babe’s pussy, and stretched her pussy on his massive member. Getting her snatch slammed got Gabriella Paltrova so turned on, she begged Danny D to fuck her ass, so Danny D slammed her butthole until she came from the intensity of hard anal sex.

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