Business Trip with Bianca

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This guy told his wife he was heading out on an important business trip, and told his job that he was heading out on vacation with his wife…obviously he was up to some sneaky business and in this Pure Mature update we get to see just what he had in mind! He met up with beautiful Latina babe Bianca in his hotel room and had her put on some sexy lingerie he bought for her, and she was more than happy to show off that sweet sexy MILF body for him! She rubbed his feet on her big titties, shook that sweet juicy ass, then got naked and got busy taking care of his big thick dick! Bianca loves getting her pussy drilled and was dripping wet when she slid his meat into her hole, moaning and riding the guy like a carousel horse. I don’t know about this being a legitimate Business Trip but he sure gave her the business in this Pure Mature scene, pounding that sweet wet hole and making those big tits of hers bounce with every deep hard thrust until finally shooting a load all over her beautiful face! Bianca loves a nice facial and lets that cum of his drip down her chin onto her big soft breasts to finish off this hot and sexy scene.

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